Family Meals

Order Today 2020!

Life is busy and sometimes you don't have time to prepare, or you simply want some of that Smokey Pit flavor. We understand so we are now offering you the ability to buy large orders that will hold you and your family for the a few days or even a week.

You pick from the selection of meats offered, we prepare and package for you to pickup.

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Saving you time

  • 1.

    Time saved

    You order, we cook, you enjoy!

  • 2.

    Smoked meats last longer

    Smoked meats tend to have a longer "shelf" life, allowing you to reheat while still holding on to the flavor when properly rewarmed.

  • 3.

    Our Sides or yours

    You can choose from our range of specials sides or just grab the meats and prepare your sides with each meal.